Homey allows you to display an extra bar on top of the header where you can display the navigation menus, the social icons, the contact informations, the area switcher and the currency switcher. The top bar is divided in two areas left and right.

To enable the Top Bar navigate to Homey Options > Top Bar locate the switch button to enable it as you see in the image below

Top bar options available

  1. Top Bar: Enable/Disable the header top bar
  2. Layout: Choose between boxed or full width top bar layout
  3. Hide Top Bar in Mobile: Select yes if you want to hide the top bar on mobile devices
  4. Top Bar Left Area: Select what would you like to display on top left area
  5. Top Bar Right Area: Select what would you like to display on top right area.
  6. Phone Number: Enter your phone number
  7. Email Address: Enter your email address
  8. Slogan: enter website slogan (or payoff or reason why, distinguish your business!)

Styling the top bar

To customize Top Bar colors navigate to Homey Options > Styling > Top Bar and locate the panel here below to change colors.

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