On Homey is available a section on the Homey Options panel where you can customize the map style, colors, pins, etc.

Limit The Map To a Country

Navigate to Homey Options > Google Maps Settings and enable Limit to Country option, then select the Country from the drop-down menu.

Map Marker Type

Navigate to Homey Options > Google Maps Settings

Marker Type: Select the marker type for Google Map, options available are Price Pins (to display the listing price) or Marker Icon.

Map Cluster

Navigate to Homey Options > Google Maps Settings > Cluster

  • Pin Cluster: Use a pin cluster on Google Map
  • Cluster Icon: Upload the map cluster icon.
  • Cluster Zoom Level: Enter the maximum zoom level for the cluster to appear. Default 12

Single Listing Map

Navigate to Homey Options > Google Maps Settings > Single Listing Map to customize the map on the Listing Detail Page

  • Pin or Circle: Select what to show on map, Marker or Circle pin
  • Single Listing Map Zoom: Enter a number from 1 to 20

Map Style

To style Google Maps with you custom colors use to create styles. Once you get the code from Snazzy Maps, navigate to Homey Options > Google Maps Settings > Map Style and copy and paste the code into the code box.

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